A recent interview - all about ojo's

Questions:   QUESTION: When and how did Ojo's Eat Local start?   Ojo’s literally started in our driveway where our antique travel trailer was converted to an off the grid mobile kitchen.  At the time I was event planner and attended large poultry,...

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Ketchup and why it matters

In 2008 the world consumed 8 million tons of Every year ketchup consumption increases 2.9% 35.8 million tons of ketchup consumed =    1,145,600,000,000    oz =          47,733,333,333   24 oz bottles THAT’S forty seven billion , seven hundred thirty three million ,...

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Where's the Beef?

Ojo’s has now been in business for 3 years serving fresh and local.  As most of you have caught on by now we buy or produce everything locally and organically, and we buy all of our meats directly from local...

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